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You may well be asking the question, "What is Tower Hill Methodist Church all about?".

Our Church is a group of people who share a love of God. We enjoy worshipping together and sharing in a variety of activities during the week. We support and encourage each other in living a Christian life.

We are a diverse group of people in terms of age, background, experience and understanding of God. We welcome all.

We hope this website will give you a little information about our church and help to answer some of your questions. If you would like to find out more I invite you to fill in our enquiry form and send it to me.

Janet (Minister)

Have a Laugh Tuesday Christian Song of the Week
Tower Hill Methodist Church Statement
Tower Hill Methodist Church aims to be a friendly and welcoming focus for the local community, reaching out to people of all ages through church and secular activities to help people on their road in faith in Jesus Christ.
Prayer Focus
Loving Father, this week we pray in particular for those who live on the Gaza Strip. Such needless random loss of life is unbelievable and we pray with all our strength that a peaceful solution can be found as soon as possible.
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